Ep. 24: Raw Truths and Major Life Lessons from Year One into Motherhood

  • Host Krissy welcomes listeners to another insightful episode of the "Inflamed in the Brain Podcast." Krissy reflects on her recent experiences as her son turned one year old, prompting her to share reflections on her journey through early motherhood. Early motherhood was much harder than she anticipated, challenging her physically, mentally, and emotionally. Despite the difficulties, Krissy found valuable lessons in the process that she believes are applicable to anyone navigating major life changes. In this episode, Krissy shares her insights and lessons learned from her first year of motherhood and how they can help listeners undergoing significant life transformations.

Main Points:

1. Acceptance:

  • Krissy emphasizes the importance of acceptance, recounting her struggles with high expectations and guilt during early motherhood. She shares her initial resistance to accepting help and deviation from her parenting plans, leading to increased anxiety and feelings of failure. Through her experiences, Krissy learned the value of accepting the challenges and uncertainties of motherhood, advocating for flexibility and self-compassion in adapting to new roles and responsibilities.

2. Stress Management:

  • Stress management emerges as a critical aspect of navigating major life changes. Krissy introduces the "5-minute rule," highlighting the importance of carving out brief moments for stress relief amidst overwhelming circumstances. She shares her personal practice of breathwork, specifically boxed breathing, as a simple yet effective technique for managing stress and promoting mental clarity.

3. Support & Community:

  • Krissy underscores the significance of having a supportive network during times of transition. She acknowledges her initial resistance to accepting help and the realization that seeking support is not a sign of weakness but a practical necessity. Krissy encourages listeners to curate their inner circles with care, surrounding themselves with individuals who provide encouragement and understanding.

4. Gentleness and Patience with Oneself:

  • Krissy emphasizes the need for self-compassion and patience when navigating major life changes. She reflects on her struggles with self-doubt and perfectionism as a new mother, urging listeners to embrace their learning curves and acknowledge their efforts. Krissy encourages listeners to adopt a mindset of grace and acceptance, recognizing that progress is non-linear and mistakes are part of the journey.


  • Krissy concludes by acknowledging the discomfort inherent in change but emphasizes its potential for personal growth and transformation. She shares her ongoing journey as a mother, acknowledging both the challenges and joys of parenthood. Krissy offers a final reminder to listeners not to compare their journeys to others', emphasizing the importance of staying focused on personal growth and progress.

Closing Remarks:

  • Host Krissy expresses gratitude to listeners for tuning in and invites them to join her in future episodes for further discussions on health, wellness, and personal growth.
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