Ep 3: Small Steps, Big Results: Sustaining Motivation in Anti-inflammatory Health


  • Host: Krissy, a friendly dietitian and new mom, shares her experiences.
  • Balancing the demands of motherhood while maintaining self-care routines.
  • Krissy's candid discussion about the challenges she faces in staying motivated.
  • Addressing common misconceptions about motivation and self-discipline.

Understanding Motivation:

  • Motivation doesn't precede action; it follows it. It's a reward for taking action.
  • The common belief in seeking motivation from external sources and its limitations.
  • Discussing the fleeting nature of motivation boosts and their temporary effects.
  • The real catalyst for change: Action leads to results, which then foster motivation.
  • A deep dive into how action creates motivation, drawing from real-life examples.

Start Small and Make It Easy:

  • Strategies to muster willpower and initiate action even when motivation is lacking.
  • Identifying minuscule steps to kickstart progress toward a larger goal.
  • Practical examples: How to start an exercise routine, including laying out workout clothes for easy access and setting alarms.
  • The psychology behind making the starting point ridiculously easy to eliminate resistance.
  • How easy initiation builds momentum and helps overcome inertia.

Celebrate the Small Wins:

  • The importance of recognizing and celebrating small victories along the journey.
  • Acknowledging the challenging nature of pursuing long-term goals, particularly during busy phases of life.
  • Finding success and fulfillment even when time and resources are limited.
  • Encouraging listeners to appreciate and celebrate personal achievements, regardless of size.
  • Understanding the role of small wins in sustainable progress and goal attainment.
  • Embracing patience and flexibility in defining success in various life stages.


  • Applying motivation principles to real-life situations and personal experiences.
  • Relating motivation concepts to the demands of motherhood and self-care.
  • Encouraging listeners to embrace small victories as significant milestones.
  • A reminder to be patient, adaptable, and open to shifting perspectives on success.

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