Ep. 17: From Perfect to Good Enough: Unmasking the Key to Anti-inflammatory Success 

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  • Greeting and warm welcome to the Inflamed in the Brain podcast.
  • Host introduction: Krissy.
  • Setting the stage for a unique episode discussing the "good enough" principle.
  • A personal touch: The inspiration for the episode from a therapy session and the relevance to daily struggles.

Segment 1: Unveiling the Good Enough Principle

  • Defining the good enough principle and its departure from perfectionism.
  • Sharing personal experiences and struggles, particularly in the context of societal expectations and social media.
  • The origin of the good enough principle, dating back to the 1950s, emphasizing its application to parenting.
  • Stressing the importance of managing expectations and setting achievable goals to avoid burnout.

Segment 2: Applying Good Enough to Health and Wellness

  • Narrating a personal health journey related to fasting and the pitfalls of perfectionism.
  • Encouraging flexibility and alternative approaches to health goals.
  • Addressing the connection between the good enough principle and anti-inflammatory health.

Segment 3: Fighting Inflammation with Good Enough

  • Exploring how mental stress triggers inflammation.
  • Linking overeating to perfectionism in food choices.
  • Establishing the role of the good enough principle in reducing stress and fostering sustainable health habits.

Segment 4: Practical Tips for Adopting the Good Enough Mindset

  • Discussing the impact of social media on mental health and the comparison trap.
  • Identifying and avoiding toxic hustle mentality in pursuit of perfection.
  • Encouraging autonomy and setting personalized standards for what's deemed "good enough."

Segment 5: Setting Realistic Goals and Accepting Help

  • Advocating for setting achievable goals based on individual circumstances.
  • Proposing examples of realistic goals for better health.
  • Emphasizing the importance of accepting help and the positive impact on stress and inflammation.


  • Summarizing key takeaways from the episode.
  • Encouraging listeners to reflect on areas where they can let go and still achieve positive outcomes.
  • Reinforcing the concept of "good enough" as finding a balance between discipline and flexibility.
  • Reminding the audience to celebrate small victories as building blocks for significant results.
  • Closing thoughts on the ongoing journey toward improvement and progress

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