Ep. 23: Defining and Validating your 'why' for Consistent Motivation

Welcome back to another episode of the Inflamed in the Brian podcast with your friendly neighborhood dietitian, Krissy. Today’s episode takes a unique turn as Krissy delves into the significance of defining and validating your authentic 'why'.

Main Points:

  • Long-Term Perspective:

    • Krissy emphasizes the importance of a perpetual approach to health goals, debunking the myth of an endpoint in cultivating habits.

    • The overarching goal is to promote lifelong health, free from complications, requiring habits aligned with this objective.

  • Navigating Challenges:

    • Acknowledging the discomfort of breaking habits, Krissy underlines the necessity of a real, authentic 'why' to sustain consistency during challenging times.

    • The distinction between motivation and 'why' is explored, highlighting how a strong 'why' serves as a constant source of motivation.

  • Fear-Based Why:

    • Krissy warns against building a 'why' rooted in fear, using her personal experience with an initial fear-driven health approach.

    • Shifting the 'why' from fear of progression to a positive goal, like wanting to have kids and be physically active with them, is essential.

  • Alignment with Values:

    • Aligning your 'why' with personal values is crucial for a unique and purposeful health journey.

    • Krissy shares her values of independence and family, illustrating how they guide her decisions and prioritize her time.

  • Questions to Find Your Why:

    • What matters most to you in this world? Reflecting on core values helps establish a strong foundation for your 'why'.

    • Keep asking why until you reach the core motivations, understanding the deeper layers that drive your health goals.

    • Visualize your life if all your daily habits supported your 'why', creating a clear picture that becomes a motivating force.


Krissy concludes by stressing the significance of a compelling 'why' that goes beyond external influences. It's about finding a reason that not only keeps you committed but also allows flexibility, ensuring a balanced and fulfilling life while pursuing your health goals.

Join Krissy in the next episode as she continues to unravel the intricacies of a health journey guided by a strong, authentic 'why'. Remember, it's not just about reaching a destination; it's about the journey aligned with your values.

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