Ep 1: Revamping Your Anti-Inflammatory Game Plan: A Mindset Shift for Maximum Success and Freedom

  • Introduction to Inflammation:
    • Inflammation is a natural and essential immune response to physical trauma or the presence of foreign bacteria in the body.
    • It plays a crucial role in healing, including stopping bleeding, rebuilding tissues, and fighting off pathogens.
    • Inflammation becomes problematic when it persists for an extended period, leading to chronic inflammation.
    • Chronic inflammation can result in the immune system attacking healthy tissues, leading to various diseases, including autoimmune conditions.
  • My Personal Journey:
    • Krissy, the host, is a registered dietitian with expertise in integrative and functional medicine.
    • In 2015, she received a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS), a neurodegenerative disease driven by chronic inflammation.
    • This diagnosis was a turning point in her life, prompting her to reevaluate her approach to health and diet.
  • The Impact of Diet:
    • Krissy discovered that many diets she had tried were robbing her body of essential nutrients, fostering a pro-inflammatory environment.
    • The shock of the MS diagnosis led to feelings of devastation and confusion.
    • Conventional treatment options for MS included lifelong use of immune-suppressing medications that don't cure the disease but aim to delay its progression.
  • Shifting Perspective:
    • Krissy realized that focusing on what to eliminate from her diet was causing anxiety and feelings of deprivation.
    • She began to shift her perspective to focus on what she could add to her plate, emphasizing anti-inflammatory foods.
    • This change in mindset made her meals more satisfying and improved her overall relationship with food.
  • Mindset and Sustainable Habits:
    • Krissy highlighted the importance of mindset in building sustainable anti-inflammatory eating habits.
    • Shifting the focus from restriction to abundance can reduce guilt and anxiety around food.
    • Gradually, the portions of pro-inflammatory foods naturally decrease as more anti-inflammatory options are incorporated into the diet.
    • This shift in mindset not only improved Krissy's eating habits but also helped her cope better with her MS diagnosis.

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