Ep. 22: [Happy Pi Day!] How Pie Fits into Your Health Journey on Pi Day

Krissy, the host of Inflamed in the Brain Podcast, delves into the world of Pi day, providing insights on guilt-free enjoyment of your favorite dessert pie. Unveiling inflammatory components like gluten and sugar, Krissy shares valuable tips for achieving a balanced approach to indulgence.

Main Points:

1. Gluten-Free Flour Options:

Exploration of gluten-free flour, featuring game-changing options like Bob's Red Mill. The episode emphasizes experimentation and the role of xanthan gum for optimal results in gluten-free baking.

2. Sugar Replacement Options:

Highlighting the impact of sugar content in pies and its inflammatory effects. Krissy introduces Swerve, a sugar replacement using erythritol and oligosaccharides, offering insights into maintaining balance in dessert choices.

3. Just Eat the Damn Thing:

Advocacy for authenticity in food cravings, discussing the psychological aspects of labeling foods and resisting cravings. Encouraging listeners to embrace the real deal without guilt, offering a refreshing perspective on the psychology of food.

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