Ep. 7: 3 Lies about Anti-Inflammatory Eating You Need to Stop Believing

This episode aims to clarify common anti-inflammatory diet misconceptions.

Main Points:

Point 1: "Budget-Friendly Anti-Inflammatory Eating"

  • Krissy dispels the myth that anti-inflammatory diets are expensive.

  • Emphasizes the importance of affordable, whole foods.

  • Discusses the EWG's Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 lists for smart shopping.

  • Encourages budget-conscious choices while prioritizing wholesome foods.

Point 2: "Processed Foods & Inflammation"

  • Krissy shares her personal journey of overcooking and the myth that all processed foods are inflammatory.

  • Clarifies that not all packaged foods are harmful to an anti-inflammatory diet.

  • Advises checking ingredient lists for clean, non-inflammatory options.

  • Encourages practicality in everyday cooking.

Point 3: "Balanced Anti-Inflammatory Living"

  • Krissy debunks the myth of depriving oneself of favorite foods.

  • Discusses the negative impact of food-centered deprivation and stress.

  • Promotes a balanced approach to incorporate beloved foods into an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

  • Encourages enhancing favorite dishes with a mix of nutrients.


  • Krissy concludes by summarizing key takeaways.

  • Shares her personal journey and its impact on her health.

  • Reassures listeners that anti-inflammatory living is practical and affordable.

  • Encourages informed choices and finding a harmonious balance between health and happiness in dietary choices.


Links mentioned in the episode 

www.betterwithcarbo.com/checklist - free list of kitchen staples to use as a shopping guide

www.ewg.org - find the clean 15 list and the dirty dozen

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