Ep 6: 5 Strategies to Balancing Self Care and Celebration on Thanksgiving

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  • Host: Krissy, dietitian and podcast host.
  • Addresses Thanksgiving-related stress and anxiety concerning anti-inflammatory dietary concerns.
  • Presents the goal of balancing Thanksgiving indulgence with anti-inflammatory goals.
  • Teases the 5 strategies to be discussed.

Main Points:

1. Eat Breakfast to Prevent Overindulging:

  • Explains the common fear of overeating on Thanksgiving.
  • Advises against starving before the big meal.
  • Highlights the survival mechanism behind overeating.
  • Recommends having breakfast with protein to avoid overindulging later.
  • Emphasizes the importance of balanced eating on Thanksgiving.

2. Realistically Boost Nutrient Content:

  • Discusses the strategy of enhancing nutrient content without compromising taste.
  • Suggests practical upgrades like using bone broth and adding veggies to dishes.
  • Encourages keeping Thanksgiving dishes both tasty and nutrient-packed.
  • Shares personal experiences as a dietitian responsible for vegetable dishes.
  • Offers a link to 5 favorite veggie dishes, emphasizing their simplicity and nutrient density.

3. Chew Your Food Mindfully:

  • Advocates for the practice of mindful eating on Thanksgiving.
  • Explains the digestive benefits of chewing food properly.
  • Addresses the prevention of indigestion, heartburn, and bloating through mindful chewing.
  • Emphasizes the value of savoring flavors and enjoying the holiday.

4. Eliminate Scarcity and Create Abundance:

  • Discusses the scarcity mindset often associated with Thanksgiving.
  • Challenges listeners to consider the availability of Thanksgiving foods year-round.
  • Encourages a shift in perspective to eat more conservatively.
  • Shares personal experiences of celebrating Thanksgiving outside the holiday season.
  • Advises being intentional about packing leftovers to prevent overeating.

5. Pack Leftovers Ahead of Time:

  • Addresses the annual struggle between indulgence and restraint on Thanksgiving.
  • Advises listeners to pack leftovers in advance to avoid overeating.
  • Mentions managing family pressure to take more servings.
  • Highlights the value of taking leftovers home for later enjoyment.
  • Shares personal experiences with family expectations and packing leftovers.

6. Take a Breath and Put Thanksgiving in Perspective:

  • Encourages listeners not to stress about eating more than planned.
  • Reminds them that Thanksgiving is just one day.
  • Promotes the true meaning of Thanksgiving: spending quality time and practicing gratitude.
  • Advises taking a deep breath and not being too critical of oneself.
  • Acknowledges that Thanksgiving doesn't undo year-long self-care efforts.


  • Discusses the importance of balancing self-care and celebration.
  • Mentions the role of stress in inflammation and how restriction can create stress.
  • Advocates for intentionality in savoring food and enjoying company.
  • Emphasizes the continuous nature of self-care and anti-inflammatory health.
  • Encourages finding ways to enjoy the holiday season while making progress.

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