Ep: 19 Keep the Progress Going with 4 Non-Food Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Listeners are invited to explore a new episode of the Inflamed in the Brain podcast with Krissy, a knowledgeable guide in the realm of holistic well-being. Today's focus shifts from conventional food-centric approaches to four alternative, non-food methods that fortify the immune system.

Point 1: Sweating to Strengthen

Discover the immune-boosting benefits of breaking a sweat through exercise, sauna sessions, or spicy foods. Krissy explores how sweating enhances circulation, releases antimicrobial peptides, and supports natural detoxification, providing a holistic perspective on immune surveillance.

Point 2: Invigorating Cold Water Exposure

Delve into the immune-boosting power of cold water exposure. Krissy elucidates the physiological responses, including the activation of brown adipose tissue and the release of norepinephrine. From cold showers to accessible ice baths, listeners learn practical ways to embrace the cold for immune enhancement.

Point 3: Stress Management Secrets

Uncover the profound impact of stress on the immune system and explore stress management techniques. Whether it's journaling, yoga, a brisk run, or simple acts like holding something warm, Krissy guides listeners to personalized stress relief. Learn the importance of positive internal self-talk for immune system resilience.

Point 4: The Healing Power of Sleep

Embark on a journey into rejuvenation with Krissy as she explores the connection between quality sleep, cortisol regulation, and immune function. Practical tips for prioritizing sleep hygiene, such as a digital wind-down ritual, aromatherapy, and night-time journaling, empower listeners to take charge of their holistic health.


Krissy wraps up the episode by emphasizing that supporting the immune system can be simple and consistent. Small actions, whether breaking a sweat, embracing cold water exposure, managing stress, or prioritizing sleep, compound into impactful changes. Listeners are encouraged to follow the podcast for more in-depth insights into holistic health and immune system enhancement.

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