Ep. 11: The New Year Resolution Trap: Why Weight Loss Isn't the Answer

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Welcome to the Inflamed in the Brain Podcast! Krissy Carbo, your friendly neighborhood RD, explores a realistic approach to weight loss as we head into 2024.

Main Points:

1. Counting Calories:

  • The Calorie Conundrum: Dispelling myths about calorie equality and emphasizing nutrient density.

  • True Value of Food: Prioritizing nutrient-rich ingredients over calorie counting for optimal health.

  • Ingredient Focus: Encouraging informed food choices by examining ingredient lists.

2. Overexercising:

  • Exercise as Stress: Understanding the physiological impact of overexercising on the body.

  • Cortisol's Role: Delving into the prolonged effects of cortisol elevation due to excessive workouts.

  • Balanced Approach: Advocating for personalized exercise plans for sustainable health.

3. Blindly Following Diet Rules:

  • Flawed Dieting Strategies: Discussing the limitations of generic diets and the need for individualized approaches.

  • Consequences of Restriction: Unpacking the mental and physiological repercussions of restrictive eating.

  • Metabolic Adaptations: Exploring how dieting can trigger metabolic changes hindering weight management.

4. Losing Sight of Non-Scale Victories:

  • Authentic Health Indicators: Highlighting non-scale victories as genuine markers of overall health improvement.

  • Multifaceted Well-being: Emphasizing that health encompasses various aspects beyond just weight.

  • Celebrate Wins: Encouraging listeners to recognize and celebrate improvements beyond the scale.


  • Sustainable Habits Over Quick Fixes: Advocating for long-term well-being based on professional experience.

  • Weight Loss Perspective: Encouraging listeners to view weight loss as a byproduct, not the primary goal.

  • Non-Scale Victories: Reinforcing the significance of celebrating authentic markers of health success.

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